Sheet Lines

Proven Technologies for Value-Added Sheet Production

Macro provides high technology sheet extrusion lines for a wide range of value-added applications.

With over 45 years experience in machinery design and processing knowledge, Macro’s team of experts can deliver a extrusion system specifically tailored to match your production goals.

Macro is highly experienced with developing complex systems that require advanced processing requirements and high levels of automation. This experience has allowed Macro to develop a broad range of know-how that is leveraged on every project to ensure the right system is delivered.

Macro supplies complete turn-key installations using only the most advanced technologies, robust machinery and always is accompanied by processing support, including operator training and ongoing service and technical support.

Key Features

  • Range of melt cooling and annealing technologies available to match process requirements
  • Various winding types and upgrade options available along with end-of-line automation choices
  • Fully custom engineered systems for an optimized process
  • Robust build ensures years of trouble-free operation


  • Extrusion Technologies:
    • Reincorporated edge trims, start-up materials and scrap
    • Optimized screw design
    • Vented extruder barrel
    • Air/Water cooled extruder temperature zones
  • Melt Cooling Technologies:
    • Casting roll unit
    • roll calender
    • Water-quenching bath
  • Annealing Technologies:
    • Infrared heated stress-relaxing chamber
    • Water bath
  • Winding Technologies:
    • Stacked sheets
    • Large diameter rolls
    • Rapid indexing turret for small rolls
    • Automatic roll labeling and taping
    • Roll wrapping systems


  • Technical Sheets
    • Lamination sheeting for reinforced glass and solar panels
  • Thermoformed Sheets
    • In-line thermoformed sheeting for construction applications
  • Foamed Sheets
    • Multilayer foam sheets with high barrier capabilities for food packaging applications
  • Fabric-Reinforced Sheets
    • Heavy-duty sheets for industrial applications like roofing membranes and liquids containment

We are Macro

Macro's purpose is to become the outright leader in delivering value to our customers by providing leading products that embrace technology and innovation, thereby delivering the best return on invested capital.


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