Quadex™-2B Film Lines

Advanced extrusion systems for biaxially oriented films

Macro provides a range of biaxially-oriented (biax, or bioriented) film extrusion systems; from multilayer to monolayer, for high barrier to low barrier, for small diameter tubing to large diameter and a variety of shrink ranges. Our Quadex-2B line up is shown below, but we also offer our Quadex-3B, third-bubble extrusion systems. For assistance figuring what technology works best for your application contact us and we’ll help you along.

Quadex™-2B Barrier Shrink Film Lines

Two-Bubble Coextrusion Lines for Biax Barrier Films


Barrier Films
Bi-oriented Films
Shrink Bags

Quadex™-2B Polyolefin Shrink Film Lines

Versatile, reliable extrusion systems


Bi-orented Shrink Films
Polyolefin Shrink Bags
Electronics Shrink Packaging Film

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