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Macro Engineering & Technology service team is here to provide support to our customers, worldwide. As the Covid-19 pandemic could prevent our service teams from providing the needs that require the physical presence of a Macro engineer or technician in your facility, Macro is offering:

  • First hour of remote assistance totally free of charge
  • Different discounted rate options
  • 24 hour, 7days a week Emergency Support Line
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Spare Parts


  • Spare parts are manufactured to the highest quality and safety standards at all times.
  • Spare parts service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year  
  • Macro increased the availability of spare parts to our valued customers with fast and punctual deliveries worldwide.


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Remote Support


Macro strives to provide the best solution to your problem with just a click away regardless of your location. Our Service team ensure a global reach and our 24 hour, 7 days a week Emergency Support Line provides our customers with on-demand technical assistance.


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Other Services



Macro is dedicated to helping processors improve their film and sheet extrusion operations by offering a range of consultation and service based products.


Upgrades - Retrofits


Macro supplies extrusion system upgrade services including retrofit components for key areas for maximized performance improvement.

  • Layer Additions (mono to 3,5, 7, 9,11, or 13)
  • Air Rings
  • Coextrusion Dies
  • Winders
  • Unwinders
  • Screws and Barrels
  • Line Control Software & Hardware Upgrades


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Performance Audits


Performance audits are offered to companies looking to correct problems or improve efficiency in their film operations.  Our experienced staff will help obtain significant cost savings and efficiency gains by identifying and recommending solutions for problematic areas.  The benefits are commonly obtainable through simple upgrades or retrofits of specific components, which typically require small to moderate investments with a rapid payback.


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