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Macro is dedicated to helping processors improve their film and sheet extrusion operations by offering a range of consultation and service based products.

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Custom Engineering

Macro has built a reputation among some of the worlds most successful film and sheet producers as a machinery supplier with the ability to take on complex processing requirements to produce effective solutions that keep our customers at the top of their markets.  We custom design all aspects of an extrusion system, from custom blown film lines to highly customized winding systems.

Upgrades - Retrofits

Macro supplies extrusion system upgrade services including retrofit components for key areas for maximized performance improvement.

  • Layer Additions (mono to 3, 7 or 9)
  • Air Rings
  • Coextrusion Dies
  • Winders
  • Unwinders
  • Line Control Software & Hardware Upgrades


Performance Audits

Performance audits are offered to companies looking to correct problems or improve efficiency in their film operations.  Our experienced staff will help obtain significant cost savings and efficiency gains by identifying and recommending solutions for problems areas.  The benefits are commonly obtainable through simple upgrades or retrofits of specific components, which typically require small to moderate investments with a rapid payback.


Turnkey Installations

Turnkey installation services are provided to customers that wish to subcontract the management of a complete system installation.  We have provided turnkey installations in countries all over the world.





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