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Multilayer Blown Film Lines

Versatile coextrusion systems for general purpose films



Macro’s multilayer blown film lines are designed to produce high quality multilayer films with efficiency. Every line is constructed using the latest technology, highest quality materials and superior workmanship. 

Our unique design provides the flexibility to meet the needs of our customer’s continuously evolving demands. Each system is versatile; capable of producing a variety of structures using different combinations of resins and layer configurations. 


All models are equipped with Macro’s patented extrusion die and air ring technologies that ensure exceptionally flat film production.

High output configurations are available to increase yield and, depending on the application, improve film quality. 


Macro’s sophisticated controls package simplifies line operation by automating basic procedures, making production easier and more reliable. 

The lines are completed with automatic winders featuring the latest winding technologies that provide perfect roll production, every time.



Key Features


  • Versatile extrusion technology can be used to produce a wide range of film types
  • Quality craftsmanship and efficient design minimize downtime
  • Large selection of winding and end-of-line automation options to improve production quality and plant safety





  • Packaging films
  • Lamination films
  • Printing films
  • Industrial films
  • Converter-grade films