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MacroPack-FP Coextrusion Dies



FlatPack Coextrusion Dies

For dies up to 800 mm in diameter, and for processors that require the layers to be modular, Macro offers the patented MacroPack-FP™ ‘mixing’ die design (US Patent No 6866498). The patented design is not only able to improve the purge time by using round channels, it can also improve the melt quality coming out of the die by using the mixing capability of the die. The die also uses a proprietary design to prevent polymer leakage while using minimum number of bolts for ease of operations.

The modular design enables the processors to take apart only the layers that need to be cleaned, leaving all the other layers intact; this reduces the downtime for cleaning. This die can be used to produce structures using any barrier material including PA (Nylon), EVOH, PETG and PVdC.


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