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D10 Dual Lip Air Rings



The patented design of Macro Engineering's D10 Series Dual Lip Air Rings is the most advanced, efficient and versatile in its class.  The enhanced cooling technology of the D10 Series ensures the best output rates attainable on new or existing blown film lines.  The advanced chamber and lipset design combined with quality materials and precise manufacturing tolerances guarantee superb gauge uniformity.  The superior bubble stability provided by the D10 Series and its easy adjustments assure simplified startup and higher productivity over a wide range of blow up ratios.

Macro's D10 Dual Lip Air Ring is the only air ring available in the market with which the operator can make bottom lip adjustments while the bubble is up



Benefits of Macro's D10 Dual Lip Air Ring

  • Enhanced cooling

  • Excellent bubble stability

  • Highest output rates in the industry

  • Superior gauge uniformity

  • Exceptional blown film properties

  • Efficient operation over a wide range of blow-up ratios

  • Quick locking of the bubble and easy adjustments make for simple startups

  • Effective with a wide range of polymers, including those with weak melt strengths

Macro also provides automatic air rings for enhanced gauge control; the D10 PRO Auto Air Ring combines the mechanical design of the D10 Series of dual lip air rings with an efficient gauge control system based on precise supplimentary air flows.