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CPP Film Lines

Versatile coextrusion solutions for high quality CPP film production



High Clarity Film Production with Efficiency


Macro's CPP film line is a high speed cast system with newly redesigned features that improve the processor's bottom line by reducing scrap, downtime and energy consumption.


The cast unit is designed with an optimized vacuum box and air knife for precise melt contact with the cooling roll, producing high clarity films with low gel content.  An automatic roll cleaning device continuously remove waxy build up from the cast roll and improves the line's uptime.

Macro's innovative winder produces large diameter rolls with zero waste, and end-of-line automation features improve plant safety and overall line efficiency.

The extrusion module can be designed for future line versatility that allows the processor to also produce high barrier films using EVOH, PA, and PVdC.


The line is also constructed with potential modifications to perform extrusion coating and lamination objectives.



Key Features


  • Optimized screw and die designs ensure excellent gauge uniformity and low gel count
  • Innovative winding technology produces high quality rolls with zero scrap roll transfers
  • Versatile extrusion technology can also be used to produce high barrier films
  • Modular design allows for future line modifications to extrusion coating or laminating system





  • Food packaging - high transparency films (bread, dry foods), twist films (confectionery, candy), metalized films (snack foods)
  • Retail packaging - high clarity films (textiles, flowers)
  • Medical films
  • Lamination/converting films