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With more than 34 years of experience in the plastic film and sheet extrusion industry Macro has developed a deep technical understanding of the needs of today’s film processor. Trends that have been observed over our history have evolved into common requirements; down-gauging to save on material costs, automation to improve plant safety, tighter quality controls, improved gauge control, and more output.




Our experience, combined with our commitment to research and development initiatives, have created a network of resources that Macro leverages to address extrusion processes and provide real world solutions to help our customers reach their maximum processing potential and become more competitive.




Macro’s commitment is for the full life of the machinery we supply. Our equipment comes with the full support of our technical service and R&D teams, which means our customers get more than just machinery from us. Our polymer experts can provide advice on the latest developments in processing including new potential materials and film structures to achieve the competitive edge on new market opportunities.










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