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  • Developed a patented technology for encapsulation in a blown film coextrusion die allowing the processing of heat sensitive polymers like PVdC in commercial size dies

  • Built the first commercial coextrusion line for biaxially oriented barrier film with PVdC for shrink bags used in the food industry

  • Designed, manufactured and provided technology transfer for the first commercial extrusion line to produce PVB sheet for use in the automotive and construction industries

  • Developed the first PVdC extrusion coating line to produce barrier PVC sheet for blister packaging in the pharmaceutical industry

  • Built the first commercial single-layer line for biaxially oriented PVdC film for use in food packaging

  • Pioneered the development of the secondary air ring to increase output and improve film clarity in blown film lines

  • One of two companies in the world to pioneer the development of the dual lip air ring

  • Developed the patented MacroPack stackable coextrusion die for the extrusion for highly degradable polymers in combination with high melt temperature polymers

  • First in the world to successfully apply encapsulation technology in the blown film process, thus allowing the processing of polymers with poor temperature stability, improved die cleaning and polymer purging

  • ​Built the first commercial coextrusion line for biaxially oriented barrier film with PVdC for shrink bags used in the food packaging industry

  • Designed and delivered a hybrid production line with both blown and cast coextrusion capabilitiies

  • Developed a dual purpose cast coextrusion system that is capable of switching between high barrier film production and CPP film production

  • Developed blown film coextrusion technology to produce foam webs suitable for food applications 






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