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Barrier Cast Film Lines

Versatile coextrusion solutions for food and medical films




Macro’s barrier cast film lines are designed to produce high quality barrier films using the latest technology, highest quality materials and superior workmanship. 

Our unique design provides the flexibility to meet the needs of our customer’s continuously evolving demands. Available up to 11-layers, each line is a versatile system capable of producing a variety of structures using different combinations of resins and layer configurations. 

Macro’s barrier cast film lines are outfitted with a versatile film casting unit that features a range of options to improve film quality and reduce downtime.

Costs lost due to wasted materials are reduced through optional edge encapsulation. 

Each line is supplied with a dual chamber vacuum box to improve film quality and increase output. 

Macro’s sophisticated controls package simplifies line operation by automating basic procedures, making production easier and more reliable. 

The lines are completed with automatic winders featuring the latest winding technologies that provide perfect roll production, every time.




Key Features


  • Versatile extrusion technology can produce a wide range of films
  • Designed to process any barrier material including PA, EVOH and PVdC
  • Cast roll cleaning sytem reduces downtime
  • Large selection of winding and end-of-line automation options to improve production quality and plant safety





  • Food packaging - high barrier films for meat, dairy, deli, prepared meals, frozen foods
  • Medical packaging films - high barrier medical packaging films
  • Medical films for devices
  • Lamination & converting films







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