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Macro is a global supplier of systems, components and services for value-added films and sheet for food packaging, medical, industrial and consumer products markets.  


In 1978, Macro was founded just outside Toronto, Canada by Mirek Planeta, a chemical engineer with a flair for solving polymer processing issues through innovative thinking. The initial focus of the company was improving air ring design, which lead to the invention of the dual lip air ring.


Over the next 35 years, Macro expanded from a component supplier to complete extrusion systems and became an industry leader in high barrier film processing technology.  Macro has earned a global reputation as an advanced technology equipment supplier through the company’s ability to produce innovative solutions to complex processing requirements. 

Through our commitment to innovation, we continue to pioneer new technologies. 


The focus has always been innovation; providing innovative solutions to help our customers achieve a processing advantage, or create new, unique products.


Macro’s purpose is to become the outright leader in delivering value to our customers by providing leading products that embrace technology and innovation, thereby delivering the best return on invested capital.









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